Basic Information about Climate Change and Farming

Farming and Climate Change Powerpoint

Farming and Climate Change PowerPoint Links

How does the chemistry of carbon relate to global warming?

How is topsoil both a "carbon source" and a "carbon sink"?

How is the ocean both a "carbon sink" and a "carbon source"?

How is the biosphere both a "carbon source" and a "carbon sink"?

How are underground fossil reserves both a "carbon source" and a carbon sink"?

How do farmers make climate change worse?

How can farmers store more carbon in their soil?

What is one thing people can change about their lives related to farming in order to make climate change less of a problem?

Are cows going to save the planet or ruin it?

What is photosynthesis and how does it relate to climate change?

What are some of the ways that climate change will affect farmers?

What can farmers do to prepare for the worst effects of climate change?


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