What can farmers do to prepare for the worst effects of climate change?

Farmers can use trees, cover crops, and other plans to fight against climate change, and to combat the uncertainty they can plant crops that work in multiple seasons and that weather doesn’t effect to badly. - Ryan

Farmers could prevent the carbon-based problems by using controlled grazing, placing organic matter and compost on top of the soil, and lastly, not tilling the soil. This would help the planet prevent the worst of global climate change. - Emily

The only way for farmers to resist climate change is try to stop it (or they can move;).  But beating climate change will take centuries, and we can’t ruin the Earth just because we are too lazy to get down on our hands and knees and farm like we’ve never farmed before! - Alan

Farmers cannot do much other than change their techniques to reduce carbon additions to the atmosphere and store more carbon in the soil. The best way to adapt to climate change is to be part of the solution. - Josh

Farmers will continue to make climate change worse if they want to be more large scale. I’m sorry to say, but they need to get rid of their big tractors and farm more sustainably on a smaller scale. There are many unemployed qualified and unqualified people that could work on the land harvesting, and they could still make a profit because they could sell to more local businesses. - Piper

Farmers can help prevent climate change by not using chemical fertilizer. The production of chemical fertilizer adds a lot of carbon to the atmosphere. - CJ

With the rise of temperature all around the world, regions that can grow cold weather crops are now able to grow warm weather crops and are unable to grow some of the cold weather crops. Farmers to prepare for this is find ways to store more water in the ground and not letting their warm weather crops get killed by frost.   - Hudson

Farmers will have to adapt to the effects of climate change in numerous ways. If they keep going they will cause harm to the atmosphere and will deplete many resources. I would say their main goal right now would be to focus on releasing as little carbon into the atmosphere as possible. They can do that by not tilling the soil as that keeps it healthy and natural, and keeps it as a carbon sink. - Leo

It seems like the best thing that farmers can do is to realize the challenges that we as a world are in and try to come up with a strategic plan to make the necessary changes to their business/crop/product to ensure their survival. With shorter seasons and inclement and unpredictable weather, it seems like the better prepared that you are, the better your chances for survival will be. Soil preservation and water conservation are also key and an obvious way to cut down on costs and ensure that your waste is low. - Aidan

We can all agree that climate change must be stopped, but we still must plan for the worst. Farmers must begin to use methods of agriculture that will also protect their crops from the drastic affects of climate change. One major problem that climate change poses is unpredictable weather such as heavy rains, long droughts and hotter days. A way to deal with heavy rain is by digging trenches, which will prevent flooding and save crops. A way to conserve more water but still getting your crops enough of it is by using drip irrigation. Drip irrigation will water only soil with plants in it where as sprinkler irrigation water because it waters a lot of ground without plants. - Owen