What are some of the ways that climate change will affect farmers?

Farmers will first be affected when the average temperatures rise. They will be affected by this because their less adaptable plants which can only grow in certain conditions will no longer be able to live. As climate change continues, they will have fewer crop options because of this. Because it is happening on a global scale, the cost of food will go up, and although they are making more money per product they will be growing less produce. - Owen

Climate change is affecting farmers by destroying the soil, the air, and the water. There will also be dry soil from droughts and soil being tilled and over worked. Our earth will become so hot and dry we won’t be able to function and grow food. Now I’m not saying that it’s all farmers fault, but they make a huge impact. - Piper

Climate change makes planting much harder. Before climate change, the seasons were far more consistent and that made planting much easier. When the winter lasts for two more months less than it should have, the season for growing spring plants fades away and so half the food that would be created is now gone. Stronger storms, floods, and droughts also destroy crops, with those three factors, many crops are being killed all the time. Farmers have to do far more guessing about seasons, which leads to unstable income and food. - Josh

Climate change will eventually make the atmosphere to hot for farmers to grow food and livestock. - CJ

Climate change affects farmers because if there is a drought caused by climate change, the crops will die.  If there is a tornado, hurricane, or flood, it will die. - Alan

Some of the ways of climate change is affecting the farmers include temperature highs, bad air quality, and crop failures due to frost. - Emily

Farmers will start to be affected by climate change by the reduced crop yields due to the lack of water and it being too hot for anything to grow. - Hudson 

Climate change affects farmers because global warming creates weird weather patterns, making it hard for farmers to know when to plant certain crops. - Henry

Climate change is hard on farmers because they can no longer find general weather patterns and now know less of what to plant. Climate change also causes pests and diseases to move into new places and causes new problems for farmers. This lack of knowing what is coming disrupts the carbon dioxide balance and makes everything worse. - Ryan