What is one thing people can change about their lives related to farming in order to make climate change less of a problem?

If you live near a grocery store or restaurant you like to eat at, try walking or biking there instead of driving, this gives you exercise and helps prevent global warming. Cars use fuel that contains lots of carbon, that carbon is then emitted into the atmosphere which causes global warming. Walking to the grocery store helps limit the amount of carbon being added into the atmosphere by cars. - CJ

I think that the thing people could do is to start buying products from farmers' markets and less industrial harvesting companies. This includes buying meat from companies that control their grazing. This could help keep the good producers in business and do your part as the customer to support the better managed business. This is also a healthier way of living! Less of the chemically produced food is better for you. You can support safer businesses by buying their products and have the reassuring knowledge that what you're eating wasn't harvested by destroying the planet. - Emily

I would say grow your own food. We do it on our school acre and you can too! Going to the farmers market also helps support smaller better businesses. Yes, it can be hard from time to time, but it will help a lot because growing your own food and buying locally produced food saves on all of the carbon used to transport food around the globe. Another thing that will help if you grow your own food is putting compost in your soil, so any leftover veggies and fruits you can put back into your soil, and it will provide very beneficial organic matter and store more carbon in the soil. - Piper

I would attempt to convert people to beings organic farmers. Organic farming is the lovely method of cultivating land by mimicking nature. In order to mimic nature, organic farmers do not use synthetic pesticides, chemicals or other man made items that damage the environment as opposed to the opposite of this, which is conventional agriculture which is contributing to climate change. Instead we use natural pesticides and other planet-friendly items to help our plants grow. This method both saves the environment and is a simpler way to grow plants. For those of you who can not start an organic farm, have no fear you can still help!! If you were to donate to organizations who support organic farms or donate directly to an organic farm, you are supporting a world wide force that is helping to change the planet for the better. - Owen

I think that industrial farmers need to change how they farm. They can still make the money they do and make the amount of food they do, but they don’t have to destroy Earth at the same time. There are many different ways that they could do it, they could practice no-till farming, and not use pesticides and herbicides. Farmers should practice mob grazing, so they don't destroy land and the air with methane. - Josh

One thing I would change about someone’s life would be to have them eat only organic crops and meat from free range animals. The organic crops don’t use artificial fertilizers and pesticides, instead organic farmers improve the soil and plant health by adding organic matter to the soil, which stores carbon while giving us healthy produce. The free range animal has had a better life and they are often "mob-grazing," which really helps us save the Earth from climate change.- Alan

There are a few things that people can do in their own lives that are connected to climate change and farming, but the biggest one is that EVERYONE NEEDS TO BUY ORGANIC PRODUCE AND NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PRICE. If farmers switch to a ‘no till’ type of farming, meaning that they don’t dig up the soil between crops; it could help the production of produce and crops because anything that reduces soil disturbance increases carbon storage.  We need to support all local farmers and stop buying cheap produce from other countries where we are then paying for those products to be shipped and transported to us. Although it might cost $1 or so more to buy local and organic, you are helping not only your local farmer, but also all farmers adopt this practice. - Aidan

People could buy organically and closely sourced foods and start an organic garden at their home. People can drive an electric car, for example a Nissan Leaf. It would cut back on carbon emissions and we would use less fossil fuel. 
 - Hudson

Greenhouse gases and emissions have caused climate change due to many people raising the amount being used. Long wave and heat radiation are being absorbed by the greenhouse gases. Energy from heat is radiated from greenhouse gases back to the earth. This causes an overall increase in temperature. So a big difference we can all make is cut down on our emissions and greenhouse gases, as they cause climate problems. - Henry Global Climate Change: Human Influences-- The Chemistry

It could be a good idea for people who have space and want to garden to not just plant food randomly but to use methods of fighting climate change. You can plant fruit trees and then plant cover crops around the trunk. Make sure your whole backyard is covered in plants and use the methods of fighting climate change. - Ryan

I believe that everyone could stop polluting the air so much with carbon emissions. People could start by getting an electric car. It would greatly help if everyone did that as it would reduce the effects of global warming by polluting less. - Leo