FAO: an Organization Worth Looking Into

The Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO)is a branch of the united nations. That focuses on finding new ways to harness renewable energy and helping people in need. The FAO also works towards making sure that all people have access to food regularly. The FAO has three main goals 
1. To eliminate hunger 
2. To get rid of poverty 
3. The sustainable management of natural resources including land, air, water, and climate.    
Prepared by Hudson
The Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO), is a branch of the UN that focuses on tackling the environmental issues of our world. They were established as a specialized UN agency in 1945 and have been dedicated to their three main goals ever since. Those goal are to end hunger,food security and malnutrition, eradicate poverty and driving forward economic and social progress for all.

Prepared by Owen