Americans Don’t Think Climate Change Will Affect Them

Americans have been starting to realize that climate change is a real thing and we need to do something about it, despite Trump's ideas. This article is about how Americans think climate change will affect our whole country and them personally. I was very surprised and happy that this many Americans were pretty concerned about global warming and greenhouse gasses. This information was collected by Yale University and the article was written ad published by the New York Times.
Percentage of adults per congressional district who support strict CO2 limits on existing coal-fired power plants
Average: 69%
Global Warming will harm them personally.
Wow suddenly you see people want or think they’re supposed to care (which they should) but the typical American is too lazy to deal with problems like these. Most of the cause of people not concerned with it affecting where they are living is because they are not on the coast. Along the coast of the United States is where you find the most concerned people. Some Americans believe that because it’s taken a “long” time to affect us, they think they will be long gone so they won’t need to worry about it.

Everybody talks about the weather. But the climate? Only in some places.

Counties where adults discuss global warming at least occasionally
FUN FACT: 33% of Americans talk about Global Warming on a regular basis and 31% of  Americans never talk about it

“Global warming is precisely the kind of threat humans are awful at dealing with”
All of the information that was gathered was from more than 18,000 Americans above age 25.


Prepared by Piper