The Carbon Cycle Institute: an Organization Worth Looking Into

The Carbon Cycle Institute is an organization whose focus is stopping climate change. Founded in 2007 by members of the Marin Carbon Project, The CCI works to improve both farmers’ knowledge about how to combat climate change, and supports research of strategies that anyone can use to lower their carbon emissions. One of the main things that they believe is that solutions to carbon management should include restoring natural resources to the ground in order to use the soil as a carbon sink and not a carbon source. Another strong belief that they have is that if a solution to climate change is going to last, it needs to incorporate the 3 E’s. Equity, economy and environment. In conclusion, the CCI is an organization that definitely has the infrastructure to change our world into an environmentally-friendly planet

Prepared by Owen

The Carbon Cycle Institute (CCI) is on a mission to stop and reverse global climate change. They are doing this by finding new science-based solutions that reduce carbon in the air while at the same time promoting leadership with sustaining the environment. They are moving along with this mission through an agriculture carbon program that is advancing and educating people on carbon farming and regenerative rangeland management that works on rebuilding the lost carbon in the soil due to large scale farming.

Prepared by Hudson