Silvopasture Solution

Fun Fact: Pastures strewn or crisscrossed with trees sequester five to ten times as much carbon as those of the same size that are treeless.

Quote: “That is the climatic win-win of this solution: Silvopasture averts and sequesters emissions, while protecting against changes that are now inevitable”.

     In this Article, the author discusses how Silvopasture could be a solution to climate change.  The article is posted by, an organization planning to “draw down” the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.  Silvopasture is an ancient method that mixes trees and pasture into a single environment for raising livestock.  Researchers have found that Silvopasture far outpaces any other techniques attempting to reduce methane emissions of livestock and bring carbon back into the soil.  Silvopasture also helps boost the health and productivity of both the land and the animals.  Silvopasture can help farmers and their livestock adapt to the changing weather of the future, and as the effects of global warming progress, the appeal of Silvopasture will likely grow.

Prepared by Aidan