Putin Believes Climate Change Isn’t Man-Made

Charles Digges begins the article by explaining that Putin does not believe that climate change is man-made. He tells his “friend” Mr. President Trump, that the scientific facts that say the climate change stems from mankind, are “alternative facts.” Digges then moves on to saying that there was a conference in Arkhangelsk, also called, The Arctic. The topic of discussion is of the climate change. Putin pursued a dialogue about how humans are not to blame. The evidence of this claim include only an eyewitness who has “photographic memory.” This witness says that the melting glaciers and ice cover started around 90 years ago. Putin goes on to say that there were no emissions that could do this to the environment at that time. Putin told Trump these claims and helped Trump undo all of Obama’s orders and accomplishments. Digges then goes on to say that Putin and Trump are encouraging other countries to follow them in suit. By that I mean they want other countries to cut the environmental funding and stop shutting down the coal power plants. Digges concluded his article by saying, “To further persuade him, Putin and his Austrian explorer friend apparently see the benefit in endorsing Trump’s destructive climate change denial.”
Quote: “The issue is not stopping it, because that’s impossible since it could be tied to some global cycles on Earth or even of planetary significance,” Putin said.

Fact: Trump is thinking of taking away the environmental protection agency. 

- Prepared by Emily