Pomegranates and Climate Change

Beloved pomegranates, beautiful red fruits with a juicy and crispy inside. You can just imagine having one in your mouth right now. While you think about that we can talk about how pomegranates are being affected by climate change. Before we even get to the climate change part of it I will also be providing some background of a pomegranates plant family.
Pomegranates come from the smaller part of the family Punicaceae, but is a part of the larger family Lythraceae. The Lythraceae family contains 32 genera with about 620 species of herbs, shrubs and trees. Pomegranates grow on a tree that’s about 8ft tall, they grow from a bright vibrant red flower that turns into the outer part of the shell once the stigma gets fertilized. The plant forms hundreds of seeds inside and they get covered in their own little edible shell.

Climate Change is affecting all of our crops were trying to grow because of all the flooding, droughts, etc. How are farmers growing pomegranates handling it? The drought was a great time for pomegranates to grow. They need an area that is hot and sunny 24/7. Hmmm interesting that climate change might actually be good in one way!? Nope sadly we need to just grow them somewhere else, we can’t affect the whole world just to grow pomegranates everywhere. Plus what happens if it gets too hot? Well then we messed up bad.