Patterns of the Grape Family

The grape family also known as Vitaceae, is recognizable by they're climbing vines and the distinctive clump of berries. The leaves form opposite of the tendrils and flowers; each flower has 4 to 5 sepals, with 4 to 5 petals which fall away as the flower opens. Worldwide there are about 800 species of vitaceae and most if not all have edible leaves, stems, sap, and berries. Some members of the vitaceae family are: cissus, or sorrel-vine, which was used for jaundice when put in tea. Next is parthenocissus, also called the Virginia creeper, contain an acid which can be toxic to the kidney and too much may be fatal. The last example is vitis, or a normal grape, which is cultivated in many varieties and are consumed or turned into wine; the tender leaves are often put in salads or used to wrap dolmas.

Prepared by Ryan