Parsley Family Patterns

The Parsley plant family, or Apiaceae, is a family of plants that consists of more than 3,700 species of plant, most notably, Carrot, Celery and Parsley.  Each plant in the family has compound umbels, which are many short flower stalks arranged in a umbrella-like formation.   Every plant in the Parsley family has 5 petals, 5 stamens, and an ovary with 2 carpels.  The parsley family includes several poisonous plants, including water hemlock, which happens to be the deadliest plant in North America.  The plant is often mistaken for wild carrots, and when eaten causes convulsions and rapid death.  Another extremely poisonous member of the Parsley Family is Poison Hemlock; it is only slightly less deadly than Water Hemlock and causes paralysis instead of convulsions.  A large quantity of poison hemlock was used to execute Greek philosopher Socrates.

              Celery is a unique member of the Parsley family and one of the only members of the family to be cultivated into a Vegetable.  Celery is one of the only foods that you exert more calories eating than you take in through the food; because of this it has been called a “Super Food”.  Almost every part of the Celery plant are eaten or used in cooking around the world.  Celery seed can also be used as spice, and its extracts are commonly present in Medicine.

- Prepared by Aidan