Irrigation Benefits

“Today, agriculture consumes 70 percent of the world’s freshwater resources, and irrigation is essential for 40 percent of the world’s food production” -Joe Del Bosque

Fun Fact: Irrigation was traced all the way back to 6000BC

Irrigation can be traced all the way back to about 6,000BC, the first irrigation system known currently was the use of the waters of the Nile and Tigris-Euphrates rivers to water the farms. Recently it was found that 70% of the world’s freshwater, 40% of that 70 is used for irrigation. Technologies for irrigation have gotten better over the years and two of the best are drip and sprinkler irrigation. Those two methods of irrigation loose the least amount of water and deliver close to the precise amount of necessary water. Without those two types, irrigation would be one of the biggest sources of carbon emission. Because of drip irrigation crop yields improve, costs go down, and soil erosion decreases. Another way to save water is schedule your irrigation, capture rainwater, and use runoff.

- Prepared by Ryan