Apples and Climate Change

Apple farmers all over the world have noticed extreme changes in the past 3 decades with the taste, texture and health of their apples.  This is due to climate change because of the irregular weather patterns that either damage, or kill the chances of an apple tree bearing fruit that year.  Farmers in India have noticed less snowfall in the winter (38 millimeters less every year) which shapes and hardens the apple.  They have also noticed early heat tricking the plants into blooming, but then a frost kills the buds, ruining the chance of bearing fruit later that year.  Apple farmers in Japan have studied the records of their Fuji apples and noticed a few differences with the taste and texture.  Many studies have proven that this is due to the warmer weather that is softening it, but it also makes the apples sweeter.  Farmers in both of these countries are dealing with this by moving up to higher points on the Himalayas, or finding a cooler spot around Mt. Fuji to bring the apples back to standard.

- Prepared by Alan