The Madhouse Effect, A Summary. Educate Everyone you know about Climate Change

Climate Change will destroy everything we care about, but still some people don’t believe in it’s existence. It is our duty to educate everyone we know because eventually there will be no return from from the Earth warming. According to Michael E. Mann and Tom Toles the authors of The Madhouse Effect, there are already signs of irreversible climate change, like the ice melt in Arctic. Not only is ice melt an issue, there is also the issue of stronger hurricanes and tornadoes. Although recent hurricanes and tornadoes have been stronger than most past storms, there are arguments that they are not increasing in numbers. No matter what, stronger storms are an issue especially when combined with rising sea levels that contribute to floods.

The Madhouse Effect is a perfect introduction to climate change, especially for people who don’t believe in it. It’s an easy read with humorous comics that make you want to keep reading. The book gives you the basics about climate change as well as reasons about why you should believe in climate change. The book says that we shouldn’t hold back on action because we don’t know everything, but that we should be prepared. An analogy the authors use is that if you blindfold a man and tell him he’s in front of a cliff he won’t know how far away from the edge he is so the only reasonable solution is to stop. We should act that way in the face of climate change, everyone who lives on Earth needs to stop before we reach the point of no return, before we step over the edge.

Quote: "If you are not concerned about climate change yet, please read this book." Bill Nye the Science Guy

Statistic: It is difficult to rule out that sea levels will rise 5-6 feet by the end of the century

Prepared by Josh