Global Weirdness: Climate Change is a Big Deal, A Book Summary

Global Weirdness is a book addressing climate change. It was produced by many scientists and journalists at Climate Central, which is a nonprofit, neutral science and journalism organization. Emily Elert and Michael D. Lemonick wrote the book before being reviewed by chief scientists Philip Duffy, Ph.D. staff, consisting of four other scientists.

In chapters 21 to 24, I found the writing quite interesting. Global warming may be affecting the heat of the climate, but that doesn’t mean that it is getting hotter each year. Average temperatures went down from 2000 to 2001, then up for two years, down again for one, back up in 2005, down for three years, up in 2009 and 10. Even though it seems like climate change may not have been going up that decade, compared to other decades, temperatures were at an all time high. The globe is warming up quickly, but if you want a perfectly correct number on how warm it will get, scientists do not have one. With a simple experiment, scientists can figure out how carbon dioxide will affect temperatures, but things aren’t quite that simple. When the climate heats up, many natural systems react in ways that can increase the warmth of the globe even more.

Prepared by Henry