Climate Change in Spring

This article is about climate change in Spring. It is titled “The Seasons Aren’t What They Used to Be.” In the late 20th century the Spring emergence of frogs, birds, leaves and flowers and were advancing in the northern Hemisphere 2.8 days per decade, and we are living through climate change. The writer David George Haskell said early Spring felt good; but early Spring is dreadful and the right now is the motion sickness of climate change. He also said that this year looks like a heat rash washing over a continent, south and north. According to the government’s National Phenology Network, Spring came about 20 days earlier in the Eastern and Midwestern United States.

Quote: “Our children will live in uncharted, unnamed seasons.” David George Haskell

Fun fact: February was the second warmest of the past 123 years in the contiguous United States, and the warmest ever in New York and 15 other states.

Prepared by Ethan