Care For Earth, A Summary of a Recent Encyclical by Pope Francis

The Earth’s health is vastly declining due to climate change and people ignoring the problems on Earth. In this book, Pope Francis refers to the Earth as our sister, saying we are told to never harm our brothers and sisters, yet we harm nature and she was meant to be an extension to us. He then goes on to state that we have been irresponsible with the resources Earth has gifted. As technology has quickly advanced, pollution has grown with it and started destroying the natural world. We are now faced with the challenge of changing our ways to stop causing pollution, and we now have to fight back against pollution. 

    Pollution is released through many everyday things like transportation, agriculture, and many other things. Pollution is also corrupting our fresh water reserves making it unaccessible to many, on top of it, some people take it upon themselves to take water as their own, so people have to work for them just to get a natural resource that is rightfully everyones. Another awful effect of pollution is the lose of biodiversity. Many species are dying out due to lack of being able to adapt to something they should have never had to adapt to. The oceans are warming, polar icecaps are melting, pollution seems to be destroying everything. Coral reefs are dying and some are past being able to be saved. Parts of the world, our sister, are dying and we can fix it, but only if we change our ways of taking care of her.

Coral Reefs are comparable to great forests.

By Ryan Marshall