A Fresh Perspective: Soil Not Oil, A Book Summary

Soil Not Oil, is a book by environmental activist Vandana Shiva. In this book, Shiva examines the inter-connected global climate, energy, and food crises and offers a refreshing perspective on the debate about global warming.  She argues that the world is faced with three fundamental global crises: global warming, energy use/depletion, and food. The author believes that these three issues are inter-connected; therefore how we respond as a global community with any of these issues will impact the other two.  Soil Not Oil does not just address those three issues, it provides an analysis and challenge to those of us in the US who think we have the best approach to solving the climate, energy and food crises.  Overall, Soil Not Oil is a great book that offers a new perspective on global climate issues and suggests ways to solve them.

Quote:”Biodiverse Organic farming creates a debt-free, suicide-free, productive alternative to industrialized corporate agriculture and brings about a number of benefits”

 Fun Fact: A study on Climate Change and Organic Farming has indicated that Organic Farming increases carbon absorbtion by up to 55% and water holding by 10%

Prepared by Aidan