What to do About the Changing Climate

The changing climate has worked its way up to the top of the list of terrible world issues and is seen this way by many large organizations such as the UN, NOAA and many more. They believe that this is a serious issue and so should you. One of the biggest things that you can do to help slow climate change is by reducing your carbon footprint by driving less, eating only locally grown foods, or anything else that will reduce the amount of carbon released. If everyone only ate locally grown foods, food miles, the number of miles that food takes to get from point A to point B, would be significantly decreased worldwide. Another way to help slow climate change is by investing in programs that are fighting climate change because that is the future of our world. In conclusion, climate change is a huge issue that you can help stop… one step at a time.

“Donald Trump has rejected global leadership on the issue, so now it’s down to us as individuals to plan, and push through new policies change where we can”

Prepared by Owen