Trump Plans to Destroy the Environment all by Himself

Donald Trump the infamous, no-holds barred tweeting orange fool we call a President has proposed a reduction in the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency's budget by 2.7 billion dollars. This reduction would effectively destroy the EPA and in his words diminish the EPA “to tidbits.”  His incompetence is clear through his inability to accept the reality of Climate Change “We’re not spending money on that any more. We consider that to be a waste of your money.” But before he can ruin all of the international progress made by Barack Obama in the last eight years he must pass the cuts through Senate and hence the Democrats, and the left has been quick to reject his reckless plan. Chuck Schumer, the top Senate Democrat spoke out against the Trump administration, “Once again the Trump administration is showing its true colors: talk like a populist but govern like a special interests zealot,” That isn’t the only obstacle he will have to overcome, the smaller budget would not allow the EPA to meet the twenty-five environmental laws passed by Congress. Aiko Stevenson, the author, points out that although the white house plans on destroying the planet and making oil tycoons even richer, the people of America must stand together and resist, as Thomas Jefferson once said “Each generation needs a revolution.”

Fact: 16 of 17 hottest years taken place this century

Prepared by Josh