No One Wants Dirty Air

      Michael Brune began the article by explaining that President Donald Trump had signed an Executive order  on Tuesday, March 27th, nullifying most of Obama’s actions that were working toward diminishing the climate change issue and obscene air conditions. The US was actually close to meeting its goal of clean power plants but as of Tuesday, those ambitions and steps are gone. The new Sierra Club Analysis of Department of Energy jobs data makes it evident that Trump is actually diminishing and taking away more jobs by reducing clean air acts and increasing the fossil fuel industry. Brune states that Pruitt’s agency validated the fact that the clean power plan will lower electricity rates and save billions of dollars. Trump, is working to demolish the clean power plan which would result in multiple disasters including an increase of un-clean air and an increase in money spending and power usage. Brune concludes that although an increase in the coal industry will result in higher jobs and more money, and also demolishing the original clean power plant plans, it could mean the end for a clean country and virtuous health. 

Not Fun Fact: The executive order will allow dirty power plants to release unlimited pollution into our air.

Stat: This order will plan a setback for reaching our clean air goal by a couple years.

Quote: “But it's not just padding their profits with threats to our health, it's also being done with our wallets.” -Michael Brune.

prepared by Emily