EcoWatch: An Organization Worth Looking Into

About EcoWatch

EcoWatch is a website that is focused on taking care of our planet. They happen to be the number one leading environmental news site. This site was originated in 2011, and before that they were published in newspapers since 2005. The news is collected by more than 50 media companions, and all of them work to increase the word from hundreds of environmental and science organizations. They mention and point out that they are a Certified B Corporation. Meaning that they are a limited liability corporation. Also, they have a variety of articles ranging from politics regarding climate change to everyday health. If you are looking for a nice variety of topics relating the planet, and everyday news about climate change, this is a fantastic source.  

Fun Fact!!: EcoWatch is a 1% for the Planet member. (Which is a site which donates and arranges marches for climate change.)

Statistic: Since 2011, EcoWatch has gained more than 1 million viewers.

Quote: “EcoWatch provides original content from a team of reporters and features insights from prominent environmental and business leaders.” - Stefanie Spear, CEO of EcoWatch.

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Prepared by Emily