Don’t Let The Earth Get Too Warm

This article about Global Warming, written by Stephanie Pappas, describes eight current issues that we can already see in the world. In the past 100 years, temperatures have increased by over 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit. This number is certainly not good for our planet. Here are four important changes that we can already detect:

  1. As the Arctic region opens up, the U.S is trying to take over the area. It is estimated that 30% of the earth’s undiscovered gas is there and 13% of it’s oil is also there.
  2. Because of the temperature changes, penguins, and many other animals are altering their breedings seasons.
  3. The climate change is causing less snow to fall on mountain tops every year, making Elk species move upwards to higher grounds. The Elk then eat and destroy their new habitat.
  4. Last of all, it is affecting Polar bears by causing them to swim for longer distances to find stable sea ice. Because of this, the mortality rate for cubs has increased to 45%, from 18%.

Prepared by Leo