Does Climate Change Affect Our Health?

The author, Sarah Miller starts by explaining that the article was written based off a report that was published by a group of 11 medical organizations. She then begins to name off the risks that have been, and will continue to be happening. She states that as the weather warms from climate change, ticks and mosquitoes can live in more regions. Those ticks and mosquitos can and are known to carry harmful diseases. The Midwest has been experiencing a higher risk of infectious diseases from this issue. Also, the extreme weather conditions are a risk for people all over the US. California is currently in a drought that has been caused by climate change. This has greatly impacted their food distribution. Meanwhile, people over in the Midwest are having constant floods, heavy downpours, and major storms. Unfortunately, the water from the floods is taking people’s houses and is contaminating the drinking water. Sarah concludes her article by making it clear that the climate change is having a major impact on people’s health, and the evidence shown around the US proves it. 

Quote: “Climate change is causing more very hot days, greater humidity, and longer, hotter and more frequent heat waves.” -Sarah G. Miller.

Fun Fact!: Climate change can also affect people’s mental health and happiness rate.

Stats: Ticks that carry Lyme Disease are found in 46% of all US counties, while only 30% found in 1998.

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prepared by Emily