“Clean Energy”

This article was written by Kiley Kroh, and published by Think Progress. Donald Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has been saying that there's such thing as “clean” coal and that we are not hurting the environment. He is quoted saying “We’re not hurting the environment. If you look at — is there such thing as clean coal? Well there’s no such thing as clean energy — even wind comes at a cost if you want to talk about migratory birds and cutting through.” Of course, then Zinke decides to bring in China. He talks about how China is not producing “clean” coal and that we need to send them coal from the U.S. because than it will be “clean”. He is quoted again saying “But coal, can we do it better? Absolutely. But it is better to export cleaner coal overseas than to have China use low-quality, high sulfur coal. So if you want to look at how to protect the environment it is better to use cleaner grade coal, made in the U.S., than it is for China, which is building coal power plants as we speak. They’re reducing their nuclear power capability and expanding their coal fired power plants — we need to make sure we provide them the cleanest coal and invest in our technology here at home. Everyone wants clean air and water but we can do it better.” Zinke makes it sound like coal and wind are both bad for the environment, so we might as well do both. This is not true; the fact that birds are killed by wind turbines is not the same as coal-fired power plants contributing to global climate change.

Prepared by Piper