350.org 2015 Annual Report

"Only an ever-increasing movement of people, everywhere on Earth, is capable of changing a status quo as entrenched as the traditional fossil fuel economy."    

        In the article “2015 annual report”, the author, May Boeve, discusses 350.org’s achievements during the 2015 calendar year.  The organization looked to 2015 as a crucial year. That was the year global emissions were supposed to peak, and as such, it took on special significance as a milestone for their work. After the first major attempt at a global climate treaty collapsed in Copenhagen, 2015 was established as the new deadline.  The author explained that 2015 actually exceeded their expectations, and that there was a period in which there were calls of “Victory!” for the planet.  Overall, this article states that 2015 was a crucial year for 350.org and for the planet; big steps towards global climate awareness such as the Paris Agreement were taken.

Fun Fact: Keystone XL and countless other fossil fuel projects stopped; divestment impact measured in the trillions; clean energy surging everywhere, and much, much, more.

Prepared by Aidan

Photocredit: https://350.org/resources/logos/